Are you a Watertown High School Alumni? Share your story to inspire and educate Watertown High School.


Things to know before telling us your story:

  • Once you submit, your story goes straight to our e-mail. We will receive your story, edit it for grammar, and then within a month, add it to the blog. It does NOT publish straight to the site.
  • Don't use the excuse "I'm boring" or "I'm not good enough". We want to see all stories - seriously.
  • This is about all parts of your story - you do not need to soley talk about your career or successes. So you aren't totally proud of your job right now? Don't even bring it up; it's just one facet of life. Tell us all of the things you have done and are proud of doing. Or what you are working towards. No ego here.
  • Age is but a number. Are you 18 and a freshman in college? GREAT! Tell us.
  • By sharing with us, you will be sharing with the community through social media and print, which is awesome.

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