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We are a group of creative, townie friends who share a love for Watertown, CT and saw a need to reconnect and reenergize our community.


Hoping to give back to the Watertown community that has shown nothing but unwavering support for our dreams and aspirations, we created TOWN. Years after graduating from WHS, we found ourselves in vastly different jobs, cities, and lifestyles. Now, older and wiser, we are determined to help future generations reach new heights and discover a multitude of divergent paths in life beyond the doors of Watertown High School. 

We are proud of our roots.


We're inspired by Watertown High School students. We're inspired by the unique and interesting stories of alumni. We’re inspired by small town community, knowing your neighbors, and the support that comes from lifelong friends and teachers. We’re driven by the power that creativity and art can hold, and the social impact it can create. We’re inspired by connections and mentorship, and we strive to teach and inspire others. We want you to be inspired too.



TOWN was created and founded by Colleen Murphy. TOWN collaborators include Miranda Weidemier, Chelsea Kyle, Chad Boulier, Demosthenes Gakidis. If you'd like to get involved, please e-mail

These old photos of Watertown were graciously provided by Florence T Crowell's Historic Watertown Connecticut Photo. Also, thanks to Kristian Kuegler, Nicole Lewis, Michelle Baim, and WHS for being supportive of TOWN.