From College to the NFL: Tom Frenette


Tom Frenette, 2010, Miami, FL

What are you up to? Currently working as a video producer & editor for the Miami Dolphins. My 5th grade Polk School yearbook says I wanted to be a Wide Receiver for the Dolphins when I'm 30. I'm not making the big bucks like those guys, but I get to run out with them during player intros. Close enough right?

How'd you get here? After WHS, I went to SCSU for 4 years. I couldn't have asked for a better place to really grow up. The opportunities it awarded landed me my dream job right out of school!

What are your goals? Just to better myself everyday. It's usually something that relates to learning or trying something new in my profession, but it can also be something as small as being polite or trying to limit my road rage due to the incompetent South Florida drivers.

Advice for WHS Students? Broaden your horizons. WHS isn't the most diverse school, but that just isn't the case in the real world. Go outside your comfort zone, and meet people different than yourself. You'll be much better for it.

What is your greatest weakness? I second guess myself too often.