Out of Town and Building Cities: Matthew O'Meara

Matthew O'Meara, 2012, New York City, NY


What are you up to? I am currently a Mechanical Engineering major at Manhattan College with one semester left. I accepted a position at a private consulting engineering firm in the city and will be starting soon. My focus in the industry is sustainable design within building systems for commercial and high-rise buildings.

How'd you get here? Engineering was hard. High School didn't necessarily prepare me for this trip, but I knew what I wanted and I set a goal for myself. I networked constantly at every job and event I found myself in. Shaking hands, asking for business cards, and going above and beyond in building business relationships. In school, I studied hard and most importantly I was studying something that I loved.

What are your goals? I would like to stay in New York City and get my PE (Professional Engineering license). Eventually I will be going to grad school for my MBA. I would love to lead a great effort in the sustainable movement for our buildings within our country and globally.

Advice for WHS Students? Never hold yourself back. If you are scared of something, fight your fears. Branch out. Be a nice person. Study hard. Explore your interests. You will find yourself in a place you would have never imagined. Most importantly, love what you do.

What is your favorite color? Green