It's the Simple Things: Lauren Vail

Lauren Vail, 2011, Watertown, CT

What are you up to? What am I up to? Oh boy. I am still in school. I am studying Elementary Education at Central, so I guess you can say I'll be in school for the rest of my life. While going to school, I work at the local Staples as a copy center associate, making copies for a living. So if you ever need a good copy, just ask for me! I have an amazing boyfriend who helps me get through the stress of work and school. He's my rock, as corny as that may be to say.

How'd you get here? It's crazy to say that going to school is what made me want to become a teacher. I suffered from severe anxiety growing up and I got bullied for that. I never really had a teacher that made me feel comfortable about my disorder, so I decided to become that teacher. Many kids are suffering from severe anxiety and many adults don't understand how to cope. I'd like to be the teacher that students feel comfortable talking to.

What are your goals? My goals are typical: Get a great job, marry the love of my life, and live a happy life. I'm not looking to move to the city or become America's Next Top Model. I want the simple things in life.

Advice for WHS Students? Cherish the moments. I can say there's a lot of things I wish I did back in high school, and I do have regrets. So here are some tips...

1. Don't get hung up on one boy. 
2. One true friend is better than 10 "friends".
3. Become friends with the teachers....they are the one grading your papers! 
4. Join an art class!
5. Don't be stressed about college! Apply to the ones you really want to go to. 
6. And lastly, don't hesitate to reach for what you want! Go for it!

What are the ingredients for a perfect day? The ingredients for a perfect day are: happiness, loved ones, fun adventures, and laughter.