Software Engineer and Underwater Investigator: Joseph Adamski


Joseph Adamski, 2009, Newington, CT

What are you up to? I am currently working as a software engineer at HYPACK in Middletown, which was a small start up company that was bought out by a Fortune 500. The software we develop deals with the field of hydrography, such as using echo sounders in order to generate maps of the ocean bottom. Most of my time is spent working on magnetometers, which assist various organizations in finding all sorts of objects on the seafloor such as unexploded ordinance or ship wrecks. I've also recently been doing some work on measuring water quality using environmental sensors in order to ensure drinking water is safe. 

I'm currently finishing up my MBA at Central Connecticut State University in business analytics. So hopefully when I'm burned out on being a code monkey I can move onto new things.

How'd you get here? Probably the biggest help in getting to where I am today was financial assistance. Mr. Lozaw and Mr. Brown wrote me a letter of recommendation for a National Science Foundation scholarship, which ended up covering the majority of my tuition at CCSU while getting my Bachelors in Computer Science. AP Java was also a big help in getting me started in the field, so kudos to the now retired Miss Smith. Other than that, I just really like programming and so I made it my job.


What are your goals? In my undergrad, I double majored in sociology and computer science. I have always wanted to get my PhD in a topic such as computational social science which combines the two fields.

Advice for WHS Students? Find a career path you really like. Don't rush into anything and take your time. You're bound to have a few flounders and failures but it is how you learn and recover from them that really matters.

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? Bletchley Park