Future Alumni

We looked back at our time in Watertown High School and realized that we had little connections you guys. By sharing the stories of past alumni, we hope you will be inspired, make connections, learn, grow, and, at the least, be entertained. 

We want to learn more about you. TOWN Mag is partnering with WHS SSP classes to gain better insight on your goals and aspirations and life. This survey is broken up into four different parts (After Highschool, The Real World, Watertown Life, and SSP & TOWN) and takes about 25 minutes to fill out.

Make sure to fill out your name on every survey.


1: After High School

What do you plan on doing after high school?
What/who has helped you the MOST while making these decisions?
What/who has helped you the LEAST while making these decisions?
students planning on technical school, work, military, tradeschool
If you are planning on following any alternatives to college, please fill out this portion of the survey.
Tell us exactly what you plan on doing after high school.
Want to pursue a trade, want to go into family business, financial reasons, not interested, confused as what to do, want to take time off of school, want to work right away, can't see yourself in college
students planning on attending college or university
If you plan on going to a college or university after high School, please fill this portion of the survey out.
everyone can fill out the rest of this survey
Do you know how to save your money? Do you know when to spend and when not to spend?

2: Real World

We want to hear about what your plans are after college or technical school or the military or opening a business. We know it's a long way away, so answer with the best you got.  

How can you better prepare for the "Real World"?

3: Watertown Life

Parents (2) Grandparents (3) Great Grandparents (4)

4: SSP and TOWN Mag

You are almost there. We want to get your feedback on SSP and TOWN Mag and how we can better improve for you guys.

Do you have any great ideas to improve TOWN Mag?
Do you have any questions for us?
What is your favorite social media account?

5: Follow Us and Share

Okay, now that you've finished, take a group shot and tag us #townmag (@townmagwhs) on Twitter or Instagram.