TOWN is an alumni network and magazine created specifically for WHS. Are you a part of Watertown High School Alumni?


We want to tell the original Watertown narrative. 

Tell us your story. What is college really like now? Do you have any regrets? How did you become a plumber in Texas? Why did you move to Dubai for a year? Do you regret getting arrested? Do you like studying biology UConn? How hilarious is your two-year-old when she dances around the kitchen? We want to hear your story, so that we can share it with the community.

Everyone has a story. What's yours?


Our Mission


We are out to connect and strengthen Watertown High School. Through creativity, honesty, and empathy, we are determined to create a more informed WHS class. Our mission is to tell real and raw stories of success and failure to bridge the gap between alumni and current students. This is a new kind of alumni network where we value "success" with an open mind.


“This is a new kind of alumni magazine. We are going to redefine success."


We're inspired by Watertown High School students. We're inspired by the unique and interesting stories of alumni. We’re inspired by small town community, knowing your neighbors, and the support that comes from lifelong friends and teachers. We’re driven by the power that creativity and art can hold, and the social impact it can create. We’re inspired by connections and mentorship, and we strive to teach and inspire others. We want you to be inspired too.